Why are you launching a ring that encourages social interaction during a global pandemic that encourages social distancing?

  • People are spending more time on their phone and online during this down time. I want to get the rings out there and build brand awareness while there is an audience. I am NOT encouraging people to go out and be social while we are in lock down. This too shall pass and when it does, we will all be yearning for human connection. When we get through this, we will have a tool to help identify a single person who is looking to meet new people. For now, stay home, stay safe and when the time comes, use the ring to help you start the conversation, from 6 feet away!


Why should I invest in a Soltera ring?

  • When you invest in a Soltera ring, you are investing in yourself and any potential future relationship. Dating can be expensive! In one month, if you go on one date a week and pay for one drink and a main course each time, you have already paid for your Soltera ring. Even the cost of subscriptions to dating websites and apps can add up quickly. A Soltera ring is a one-time investment that gives you the opportunity to start more conversations which can lead you to meeting your next partner during the course of daily living.  


I am talking to someone and we have not had the discussion about being exclusive, should I wear a Soltera ring?

  • You should have the discussion first. If the conversation does not happen and you feel comfortable meeting new people and exploring options, then wear a Soltera ring. If you would not want the other person exploring options and feel better about the time and emotions you have already invested with your current person, then do not wear a Soltera ring.


Why is the ring worn on the right hand and why the ring finger?

  • The right-hand ring finger is the opposite hand of the traditional wedding band finger. So, right hand ring finger means single, and left-hand ring finger means married.


Can I wear the ring on another finger?

  • To keep everything aligned with the brand identity, we ask that you wear your Soltera ring on the ring finger, between your middle and pinky finger.


I am not sure I want to date but I enjoy meeting new people and chatting away, should I wear the ring?

  • Totally up to you! You never know who you are going to meet and everyone you interact with might be a great friend, someone you can learn from or be a great match for someone you know.


I am allergic to silver, are there other options?

  • Yes! Please reach out to us using the contact us page and we can gladly price platinum or white gold.


I have found my person, can I return my ring?

  • Each Soltera ring is made with love just for you. We are so happy that you found your person. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns, but if you have a friend who could use it, we’re sure they would appreciate it.


Should I wear the ring all the time, or just when I am going out?

  • You should wear your ring ALL the time. Whether you are dressing up, or down, going out (when we are able to) or running a quick errand to the grocery store, you never know when you might run into your potential person.


What does the tag line “let the ring start the conversation mean”?

  • This is meant as a reminder that we need to talk more. Communication is not just what we say, but how we say it, intonation, and body language. These are all part of communication we lack when we converse solely through text. Emojis do not always help and are often misconstrued. The ring helps as an identifier of status and as a conversation starter.


What else is available from Soltera?

  • Follow us on socials for tips, advice, conversations and share your stories with us.


How do I know wearing the ring will work?

  • Soltera rings are a tool to help you in addition to all other ways you are trying to meet people and date. Using rings as identifiers of status is not a new concept, there are cultures where this practice currently exists. Soltera is a new mainstream ring that anyone can enjoy without cultural barriers. The ring is a valuable investment in helping to find your person.